Join us at the Nor-Cal Controls Training Facility in the Northern California foothills for a deep dive into operator fundamentals as they pertain to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Learn NERC fundamentals and SCADA as they apply to the electrical grid. The training topics and principles covered can be applied to any SCADA system platform (hardware/software).

EPC contractors, asset owners and solar industry professionals can all benefit from this 2-day training course. Graduates will understand the “big picture” as it applies to solar PV plant operations within the utility scale sector.


remaining 2019 training date


Quarter 4:

NERC/SCADA 101:      Tuesday, November 12th - Wednesday, November 13th 


Upcoming 2020 Training Dates


Quarter 1:

NERC/SCADA 101:      Tuesday, January 21st –  Wednesday, January 22nd

Advanced SCADA :      Thursday, January 23rd - Friday, January 24th 


Quarter 2:

NERC/SCADA 101:      Tuesday, April 28th –  Wednesday, April 29th

Advanced SCADA :      Thursday, April 30th - Friday, May 1st


Quarter 3:

NERC/SCADA 101:      Tuesday, July 21st –  Wednesday, July 22nd

Advanced SCADA :      Thursday, July 23rd - Friday, July 24th 


Quarter 4:

NERC/SCADA 101:      Tuesday, October 20th –  Wednesday, October 21st

Advanced SCADA :      Thursday, October 22nd - Friday, October 23rd




Prerequisites: A basic understanding of power generation and solar PV projects.

Good for: EPCs, Developers, Owners, Maintenance Field Technicians, Operators 

Class Summary: Take a dive into basic operator fundamentals as they pertain to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. The NERC and SCADA skills you will learn are applicable to any SCADA system platform (hardware/software).





Presented by GridSME

Day One will consist of basic electrical system knowledge and fundamentals and how they apply to regulatory and compliance authorities within the growing power generation industry. This general knowledge will aid in providing the holistic view critical to those in the industry as it pertains to Operations, Planning and Forecasting in efforts to meet present day regulatory guidelines.


  • Electrical Systems
  • System Operations
  • NERC Functions and
  • NERC Compliance
  • Operations Planning and
  • Forecasting 


Day Two: SCADA 101

Presented by Nor-Cal Controls

Day Two encompasses a thorough introductory course regarding the most critical of today’s power generation aspects—the ability to gather data from site devices and use it to make time sensitive decisions to enhance productivity, efficiency and revenue generation. This course will empower the student with an understanding of SCADA systems that will work with any platform, ensuring best practices are adhered to for any utility-grade power generation site.


  • Introduction to SCADA
  • How SCADA Is Used
  • SCADA Architecture
  • SCADA Protocols
  • HMIs and Data Visualization
  • Historian Overview
  • Network Overview
  • SCADA Implementations

The training topics and principles covered can be applied to any SCADA system platform (hardware/software).

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Advanced SCADA  (2 Day class)

Day Three - four: Advanced scada/troubleshooting

Presented by Nor-Cal Controls

***Advanced SCADA class can be attended on it's own or can be added onto your SCADA 101 registration, to create a 4 day training week at Nor-Cal. 

Prerequisites: SCADA 101 course, field commissioning and/or device and/or network troubleshooting experience, PV plant operations experience

Good for: EPC Field Technicians, Maintenance Field Technicians, Operators, SCADA Engineers

Class Summary: Nor-Cal also offers an Advanced SCADA training course for those who would like to enhance their troubleshooting knowledge on any SCADA platform. This course will be individually tailored to meet the needs and desires of the group requesting training. Students will develop the confidence and knowledge necessary to accurately and quickly determine problem areas and put forth solutions to keep plants up and running. It is recommended to have a rudimentary knowledge of SCADA systems or to have taken Nor-Cal’s introductory Solar PV Operations training course prior to engaging with the Advanced SCADA training course.


  • Tag Addition/Configuration
  • Alarm Addition/Configuration
  • Alarm Tracing
  • Device Addition/Configuration
  • Communication Driver Addition/Configuration Communication Troubleshooting (Networking)
  • Graphic Addition/Modifications
  • PLC Logic Troubleshooting
  • PLC Logic Modification
  • RTAC Troubleshooting
  • RTAC Communication Device Addition/Modification
  • RTAC Logic Troubleshooting
  • RTAC Logic Addition/Modification
  • Historical Data Analysis for Troubleshooting
  • Trending for Troubleshooting
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  • $1,000 base price per student for NERC/SCADA 101  two-day course or for ADVANCED SCADA  two-day course.

  • Multi Class Discount available: $800 per student, per class. Must register for NERC/SCADA 101 and ADVANCED SCADA for same week of instruction. Total class cost to attend both is $1,600 per student. Cannot be combined with Group Discount. 


  • Group Discount available: $800 per student for groups of 4 or more to either class, cannot be combined with Multi-Class Discount. 


Nor-Cal Controls, ES Inc.

4790 Golden Foothill Parkway
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762


Hotel Accommodations

Holiday Inn Express & Suites                                        

4360 Town Center Boulevard
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Food Provided

Breakfast treats with coffee and a catered lunch with refreshments will be provided on each training day. Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions so we accommodate.



Nor-Cal Training Contact:

Samantha Scott (916) 836-0800 ext. 108

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