What does the future hold for solar pv scada applications?

With the vast number of technological changes and rapid business growth the solar PV industry has undergone in the last 10 years, it is a somewhat arduous task to keep our eyes on the horizon and start considering the future of SCADA systems. What can we expect for the future? We know that most panel arrays will last 20-25 years, but what will happen to the SCADA systems controlling them? How will these advancements impact O&M teams, EPCs and Asset Owners?

We sat down with Eric Valleton, CTO of SOLV Inc., an O&M solution from Swinerton Renewable Energy, and Bob Lopez, CEO of Nor-Cal Controls, to see what their predictions are looking forward towards the next 5 years in solar PV SCADA systems.

Download this white paper to explore what the future holds for solar PV SCADA systems and integrators.